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"Der Mensch, mit seiner nahezu einzigartigen Fähigkeit, aus den Fehlern anderer zu lernen, ist ebenso einzigartig in seiner festen Weigerung, genau das zu tun." - Douglas Adams is a text only website, which displays your public IP address, the related location and the provider, as well as the web client you used to call the site.


RaspberryPi 3 and earlier

To rotate the screen on a RaspberryPi 3 and earlier add the following line to /boot/config.txt:


Replace the 0 with the desired rotation:

int rotation
0 normal
1 90°
2 180°
3 270°

Reboot your system to apply the changes.

RaspberryPi 4

On a RaspberryPi 4 you can use the xrandr command:

DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate normal
DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate left
DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate right
DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output HDMI-1 --rotate inverted
arg rotation
normal normal
left 90°
right 180°
inverted 270°

#raspberry #pi #display

Here you find the CSS code I'm using on this site. For installation instructions head to


Finally I found the time to test WriteFreely.
After the first hours playing around I can say: I like it!

Some features are missing – like an auto-generated page with all tags -, but this project seems to be very promising.


Since netstat became obsolote, it was replaced by the newer ss command.

manual: debian manpage


If you want to use wine on a headless server, you probably need a virtual desktop. Luckily there's Xvfb 🤓


From their website:

This is a free software web service that allows you to generate maps of cities using OpenStreetMap data. The generated maps are available in PNG, PDF and SVG formats and are ready to be printed. As the data used to generate maps is coming from OpenStreetMap, you can freely reuse, sell, or modify the generated maps under the terms of the OpenStreetMap license.

Great tool with lots of customization options. Can't wait to print a DIN A0 map and put it on the wall!

#opensource #tool #osm

Cocktail glass with liquor inside Recipe for a newly interpretation of the classic Mojito with champagne.



Für den Teig:

Menge Zutat
300 g Mehl
30 g Kakaopulver, ungesüßt
2 TL gestr. Backpulver
150 g Zucker
1 Pck. Vanillezucker
1 Stk. Ei
150 g Butter

Für die Füllung:

Menge Zutat
250 g Butter
500 g Magerquark
200 g Zucker
1 Pck. Vanillezucker
3 Stk. Eier
1 Pck. Vanillepuddingpulver
1 Stk. Vanilleschote(n), das Mark davon

remove all stopped containers

docker ps -a -q -f status=exited | xargs docker rm

remove all dangling images

docker images -f "dangling=true" -q | xargs docker rmi

remove unused volumes

WARNING: Please be extra cautious, since you could loose precious data!

docker volumes prune

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