Hello (again) fediverse 🥳!

Finally I found the time to test WriteFreely.
After the first hours playing around I can say: I like it!

Some features are missing – like an auto-generated page with all tags -, but this project seems to be very promising.

At the time of writing WriteFreely has 3,395 stars on GitHub and the current version is v0.13.2.

service url
web: writefreely.org
git: writefreely@github
docs: writefreely.org/docs
roadmap: phabricator.write.as
forum: discuss.write.as

The main reasons why I decided to give it a try are:


Currently the developers of WriteFreely don't provide an official docker-compose file, which could have been used in production see docs/latest/admin/docker.
Luckily karlprieb provides the writefreely-docker repository, which can be used as a boilerplate.
Adapting the Dockerfile & the docker-compose.yml to my needs took some time, but as you can see it produced a functional docker-compose.yml.
Probably I will make the files available, depends if everything still works in a week.


Did I say I liked the minimalist approach? Well, the default theme was not what I wanted for my webspace.
Quickly I found the themes template page on write.as. But none of the themes, made me fully happy, so I decided to write my own template.
It's based on the Sketch.Nono.Ma theme. You'll find the source code in my github: zaphbbrox/sketch-nono-ma-dark-theme.

Also you can have a look at the CSS code in this post.


For quite a long time I wanted to replace my old blog engine and it seems, with WriteFreely I found a new base.
I'm excited to see where the journey goes.
If you want to get in touch, check the about page. There you'll find my details.

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